Holidays in Greece
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Discover the real Greece!

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You can visit Greece in many ways. And there are a lot of destinations, as well on the islands as on the continent. We'll show you some examples of undiscovered places here. Parts of Greece where tourism is still in it's infancy. Or in other words: the real Greece! And wherever you'll spend your holidays in Greece: as soon as you leave the main roads, you'll join a world full of special people, with their own stories, their own habits and a way of life of which you can learn a lot. Have a nice holiday in Greece! 


Lovely Lesbos

Vakantie op het eiland Lesbos - MolivosOur first introduction to Greek life was on Lesbos island (or Lesvos in modern Greek), close to the Turkish coast. And perhaps we visited at the same time the most beautiful town of the country: Molivos. Read more about Molivos...

Vakantie op Lesbos - Plomari

Holidays in Plomari?

Lesbos is much bigger then the beautiful area of Molivos. When we revisited Lesbos, we discovered the area of the small harbourtown of Plomari. A lot of people know this place because of the ouzo-production, for us it was a unique discovery of an authentic and almost hidden part of Lesbos. Read more about the secrets of Plomari ...

Vakantie op het eiland Chios - Griekenland

Chios: a journey to the moon

Chios island is still unspoiled and quiet. On a small motorbike we visited the northern part of Chios. As a result of the great number of forest-fires in the past, this area is almost bare. An impressing sight: it almost feels like you're on the moon! Read more about Chios ...  

Vakantie op het eiland Skyros - Griekenland

Unknown Skyros

Once in a week one airplane from abroad arrives on the beautiful island of Skyros. It's a blessing for the inhabitants: the spendings of the tourists are a welcome income. But it's a blessing for the small number of tourists as well: as long as the Greek's do not have holidays themselves, the isle of Skyros is very quiet and peaceful. So if you want to join the real Greek life, take a journey to Skyros! Read more about the island of Skyros ...

Vakantie op het Griekse vasteland - Koroni, Peloponnesos

Fresh fish? Koroni!

Of course you can 'do' the Peloponnesos by driving from hotspot to hotspot. But before you get home over-excited, we want to point out the unique town of Koroni. For if you want to give yourself up to the Greek way of life, to enjoy unknown little bays, cute kafenions en magnificent nature. Read more about the lovely little harbourtown of Koroni ...

Vakantie op het Griekse eiland Samos

Take a walk on Samos

One of the greenest and most beautiful islands of Greece is Samos. Tourism is concentrated around Pythagorio, Kokkari and Votsalakia. But as soon as you leave these places, you'll meet the authentic island-living. Samos is grat island to walk. And don't forget to taste the local specialities: Samos honey and Samos sweet-wine, the worldfamous sweet dessert-wine of the island. Read more about Samos ...

The green island of Thassos

Another great destination is Thassos, a very green island with beautiful nature, long sandy beaches and picturesque villages. It's also a great island for hiking and walking!

Read more about Thassos...

Vakantie op het Griekse vasteland: Parga

Picturesque Parga

Parga is a beautiful place in the northwest of Greece. A lot of people discoverd the secret of Parga but still it had it's own charm.

Read more about Parga ...

Cute Kythera

South of the Peloponnesos you'll find the unknown island of Kýthera. A real destination for restseekers! With a lot of beautiful nature, watersprings and delicious bays and beaches. You'll wander through a labyrinth of small villages where time stands still. From the picturesque main village called Chora you have a marvelous view of the bay of Kapsali. The most romantic place to enjoy fresh fish from the sea! Read more about Kythera ... 

Taste the Pilion

The peninsula Pelion is a very special part of Greece. Sometimes you can do wintersports and take a sunbath on the beach on the same day. Nature is overwhelming, tourism is quit and peaceful. We visited the small village of Afissos. Read more about  Afissos ...

All about the weather in Greece!

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